Create internal tools in a breeze

Gluetrail is a no-code platform where you can build impactful applications for your business. No API PhD required.

UI Blocks
Forms, webpages, email templates, slack notifications...
Connected to your data
Connect to internal or external applications and databases
Workflow builder, Buttons, AI actions

Get started quickly

Gluetrail empowers non technical teams, from small to large organizations, to create and maintain the business apps they need.

No code required
No need for a tooling or an API expert, you have access to a complex and rich set of features from day one
Deep integrations
Realtime and two-way communication between systems to power seamless experiences
Ready to go templates
Support workflows, Slack bot integrations, Admin panels etc.


Enlight your customers, supercharge productivity.

Out of the box UI blocks

Such as forms, admin panels and login pages

Ready to go UI components with our no code builder where you easily create application or customize existing ones (Salesforce, Slack etc.)
Setup logic within those components (on form submissions, on error, etc.)
Get started quickly, and customize easily
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Connected with your data

CRMs, Ticketing, Support, Messaging - the list keeps growing

Share data from all systems without the need to additionnal licenses
Flexible: build reports, use pre-build models or write custom queries
Consolidate data capture into single views across your tool stack
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Use our workflow builder to orchestrate your internal tools:Systems records creation and updates, Slack notifications/triggers/buttons, streamlined approval processes, generate PDF, etc.

On a schedule or triggered by an event
On a single or multiple records
With conditional logic and branches
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